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How Is Different

Your Brand Is the Hero
Today, "brand" is everything. That's why, whenever possible, customers will see yours when they use our client at yours or other network affiliates' locations. You take the risk. You deserve the recognition. Why give it to the aggregators?

You Keep More of the Revenue
Hotspot aggregators will take most of the revenue from customers in your locations. Some take as much as 80%. With you keep all the revenue from customers in your locations.

Our Client Software Works - Everywhere, Every Time
Your customers won't have to wait while our system logs them on. In the time you read this sentence, they are already logged-on.

One Relationship with Many, Results -- Faster
Negotiating multiple interworking relationships with large service providers is time-consuming and can be a strain on your organization. One partnership with can offload the burden and paperwork, yield potentially many thousands of hotspots, and get you to market faster.

We're Organized as a Neutral Host
A neutral network shares system resources so that all participants benefit the same. It works for cellular. It can and should work for hotspots. Aggregators think otherwise, promoting their brand first and taking most of the revenue.

You Know How Much We Cost
We charge on a flat-rate basis based upon the number of your customers using our service.

We've Already Scaled for Your Success
Most of the aggregators are adding capacity as they go. We already have the capacity to handle millions of simultaneous sessions. Plus the redundancy built-in for reliable settlement.

We've Done This Before
The team at set up the first user-friendly, roaming network in the early days of cellular. We made it simple and automatic, so users could simply call. The other companies are just starting out. You should not have to pay the price for their inexperience.




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