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How the OnRamp Access Controller Works's OnRamp™ Access Controller is a small hardware device that turns a retail location into an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that generates income. The OnRamp works at the location to limit access to the Internet to paying users of the services.

The small OnRamp fits between the Access Point and the Internet Modem and auto-configures upon hookup. Cat-5 wiring connects the devices.

OnRamp between access point and modem

Limiting Access to Paying Subscribers
Access to the Internet through the hotspot venue's broadband access is limited to either:

Those users who have subscribed to the hotspot venue's broadband Internet services or
Subscribers of other network affiliates. The owner of the hotspot location is rewarded a settlement fee each time a subscriber from another network affiliate connects through its OnRamp.

How It Works
When a person wants to access the Internet, their device will be "inspected" by the OnRamp Access Controller for the client. Non-subscribers will be re-directed to an OnRamp web page indicating that fee-based access is available.

Authentication process diagram

The following procedure is initiated for recognized subscribers:

1. User connects to the wireless network at the hotspot location.
2. The OnRamp redirects the user to the Network Operations Center.
3. The NOC validates the user, permitting access and sends this information back to the OnRamp at the hotspot location.
4. OnRamp grants access for the user session.

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