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System Architecture

Best of Breed Network Administration and Control has built a system of fully redundant Network Operations Centers (NOCs) management and control. A private leased-line network ties the sites to each other and to headquarters for settlement. We also provide redundant interconnecting T1s between each site.

This redundancy and use of dedicated circuits are key differentiators, assuring service providers of carrier-class service, trouble-free settlement, and rapid authentication of their users.

Each NOC handles administration and management. Services include:

Authentication forward
Authorization forward
Accounting / Settlement
QoS Management
Performance monitoring
Fault management

Distributed Authentication Model
They connect over the Internet in a distributed authentication model to both hotspot locations and Network Affiliate Partner's authority realms. The benefits of this architecture include rapid, low-cost deployment of service venues plus flexible integration with service provider systems.

The system can interconnect with its OnRamp access controllers or off-the-shelf, third-party products.

Authentication is executed at RADIUS servers or at the authentication realm of the network affiliate.'s authentication servers can update authentication information in real-time or in scheduled sessions as mandated by provider requirements.

Authentication Model

Ready for the Future Integration to Cellular Data Networks -- Now

The company has anticipated integration of client broadband services with cellular data networks. The current system architecture supports integration with GGSN, HA and PDSN sub-systems. If you are looking to integrate, why not do it now? The move can differentiate your service offering and provide potentially incremental revenue.




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