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OnRamp Starter Kit’s OnRamp Program is a turn-key service that expands your retail location into a broadband Internet service provider (ISP).

The OnRamp Program includes:

An OnRamp Access Controller. This small device connects between your wireless access point and your broadband modem. It communicates with our Network Operations Centers. There we handle the security, billing and settlement control necessary to make your location money and your customer information secure.

Applications You Will Need to Set-up and Run Your Hotspot. Our offering includes the applications you will need to setup and successfully run your business. This includes installation, billing and reporting programs.

You enter into a few screens pricing information for your service. We handle the rest, configuring the system, creating sign-up forms, invoices and receipts for your customers, plus reports for you.

You can charge on a per-session basis or for monthly use. Once you set it up, our system handles the accounting. You just print out the invoices that we generate for each user session and take the money.

Sample marketing materials you can personalize to promote your service. is building the fastest growing network of hotspot network affiliates. Retailer locations like restaurants, airports, hotels and golf courses are joining. You can too. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.






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