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What You Need to Set-Up a Hotspot

It's Easier than You May Think!
A hotspot is simply a publicly shared high-speed Internet connection. Major companies like MacDonald's are adding them and charging for service. You can too.

If you are like most retail business owners, you probably have a high speed Internet connection already. You subscribe to service with an Internet Service Provider. With that service comes a broadband modem.

Modem image

Broadband Modem

To enable wireless access by your customers you will need an 802.11 access point. An 802.11b access point will provide adequate connection speed for your customers. (Higher speed versions are available but the factor most impacting your customers is the access speed from your modem to the ISP office. More below.)

Access Point image

Access Point's OnRamp hotspot service works with the access points you can find at your local computer store, so any will do. (Wi-Fi security settings must be set so that Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP) is NOT enabled).

Finally, provides an OnRamp Access Controller. This small device provides the security, management and billing functions you will need to charge for your service. The Access Controller is part of the OnRamp program that you receive when you subscribe.

OnRamp between access point and modem

A single OnRamp works in small or large hotspots. If the hotspot has two or more access points, offers a solution.

Internet Connect Speed
Connection speed to the Internet varies by service provider. In order to provide good service to your customers, you will want to ask your ISP to provide a minimum of 256 kbps downlink and 256 kbps uplink.

DSL and DSL are supported. I-DSL cannot be supported given its slow connection speeds.

If you are like most retailers, you probably already have the modem and access point. So why not join now?






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