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The Network Affiliate Program unites independent hotspot providers and larger subscriber providers. provides turn-key programs that enable rapid deployment of hotspots and Wi-Fi broadband customer services. Service providers can set their own quality standards which are then maintained across locations and user sessions.

The company offers professional consulting services to speed implementation and simplify integration while keeping IT costs low.

End User Client Software Features has developed an innovative, compact client software program that offers several key advantages for large and small service providers:

Your brand is maintained across affiliate hotspot locations.
Hotspot locations can be downloaded, stored and accessed for directions.
VPN control is built-in and can be customized depending upon your preferred security architecture, with additional VPN software installed on the client PC. The client can be configured by the end user to launch an enterprise VPN upon connection. The built-in VPN does not interfere with other installed VPN software.
Software code is highly compact and deliverable via Web access, floppy disk, and CDROM.
Licensing supports single or multi-subscriber account activation for company-wide distribution.
The client can be remotely monitored and configured. Stats are posted remotely to enable support, debug and network management.
Software updates can be delivered flexibly depending upon provider requirements, including "push" downloads upon software initialization.
Software is forward-compatible with 3G integrated services, supporting full data roaming over cellular wide area networks.
The client supports multiple languages with user-defined preferences.
Multiple authentication scenarios are supported including (but not limited to) 802.1x MD5, TLS, TTLS, PEAP, and GIS. More can be added as required.
The system supports SMS "push" to a cell phone of a session password, plus special coupon promotional usage.

Network Management Features
All transaction information is logged and available to network affiliate administrators via's Web interface. This information is searchable on many parameters including:

Received Time
Reported Time (Acct-Delay adjusted)
Calling-Station-ID (User's MAC address)
Called-Station-ID (AP MAC address)
Home RADIUS (address and port)

Reports can be accessed online via the Web interface. Traces can be performed in real time and retrieved from a log. Log files can be configured as needed.

Log files are generally available for up to 3 months. has over a terabyte of disk space and so saves the most recent terabyte of log files.

Access to 3G Services Are Ready When You Are knows from its cellular experience that broadband access services is just the beginning. So while others are still tinkering with their business model, we've already architected our system for the future.

The client and system software support full data roaming to cellular wide area networks today. So when you are ready to extend the service offering, we are too.


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