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Neutral Hosting Costs You Less and Gives You More

Aggregators Aren’t the Answer for Hotspot Success
Aggregators want to take your customers, re-package your hotspot business and brand it as their own. Aggregators will take most of the revenue for this "service" because they think that "getting bigger" is all that matters. Even when it costs you more.

We’re Neutral and There’s a Big Difference is a neutral host.

Wherever we can, we present your brand as the originator for the hotspot service. Either at your locations or when your customers roam to other affiliates' hotspots. That’s a big difference from aggregators who present their brand first.

Our network affilates share in the reward too. Each time a customer of another affiliate visits one of your hotspot locations, you earn a service reward.

Our role? We make the system work for you and the other affiliates. Out of sight we handle the log-in, settlement, billing and reports. For a fixed, fair price.

We take care of the many relationships necessary to get widespread broadband access so you don't have to. You just work with us.

Your customers remain yours too. Your data records remain confidential, away from the eyes of competitors.

Any way you count it, you come out ahead with our neutral host model. It worked for cellular. Why not for you and your hotspot customers?




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