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Compact, Dependable Client Software

Protect and Extend Your Brand
Your brand is worth reinforcement and extension. Your Subscriber sees your Brand on our Client application, independent of your Subscriber's location or network access point. Your brand. Not an aggregator's.

Client software image

Service Provider branding is presented throughout the extended WLAN network on the compact, stylish Client software. You keep your customers and their information safe from aggregators.

When your Subscriber is roving, our Client identifies, qualifies, and, through secure authentication methods, connects your Subscriber to a network which meets minimum quality metrics, defined by you.

Our compact Client application offers you a variety of distribution methods: FTP, CDROM, even via 3.5" 'floppy' disk. It's ideal for single or multi-user group distribution.

Your Subscriber benefits from our Client's remote diagnostic abilities. Our analytical tools allow to continuously monitor and improve the access network.

Your brand extended across affiliate locations. Your quality control. Improving network performance and user experience. All at a fair price. No other service provider can give you more.





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