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Make Money from Your Broadband Connection

Right now you could be making more money from your customers by sharing your broadband Internet access connection. And sharing your access can deliver more repeat business for your real business.

Your location could become a "hotspot" and part of the network of hundreds of thousands of public venues with broadband connection to the Internet. The hotspot business is projected to generate millions in revenue for locations like yours. It’s important to get there first to generate the best wireless access. Best of all, you keep all of the revenue from your customers’ sessions. has all you need to get started. With our OnRamp starter kit, you could be making money in days, simply by joining.

Our OnRamp starter kit contains all you need to get going - fast. has developed all the back-office accounting technology you need to be successful. You just price your services on a few web pages we supply. We do the rest. We even include sample materials you can personalize to promote your service.

So join the hotspot revolution today with No other provider makes it easier.

Sign up now!.





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